The Chanel Replica Handbag Online Store Trap

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There are dozens of websites online that claim to offer legitimate Chanel handbags. For many people, this seems like a good deal and they gladly toss their money into the mix. For other people, it immediately seems suspicious, and for good reason. The internet is a sketchy place where anyone can build a website and put up a credit card processor in minutes. So, how do you know when these sites are trustworthy or selling you replicas?

The Replica Chanel Scam Trap

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The first kind of scam website to avoid is the one selling replica Chanel handbags instead of legitimate bags. These sites are often done up to look like professional designer sites with fancy flash graphics and minimal text or multiple European language options.

The risk here is twofold. Not only might they be selling replica handbags instead of the real thing, they could easily be taking your money or your identity without telling you – something you must legitimately avoid.

The Direct Replica Sales Fraud

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The second trap website will not only try to sell you Chanel replicas, it will generally never send you your order. It will just take your money, possibly with your credit card information and disappear in a matter of days, never to be heard from again.

How to Avoid Online Replica Designer Handbag Scams

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If you want to avoid replica handbags on the internet and the websites that sell them so freely, you must first take some time and learn how to recognize when they’re not legitimate. There are a few ways to do this.

First, look for secure ordering. On most browsers, you’ll see a little padlock symbol in the bottom left or top right corner if the site is secure for ordering. Second, look for good website design. Usually they’ll be poorly designed with cheap graphics and poorly written text. Typos and misspellings are common among replica designer handbag online shops.

Finally, if you’re not sure, do your research. Know what you are buying and where it originated from. The safest bet when shopping online is to avoid anything you think might be a scam. Seeking out the original and sticking with them will ensure true quality and value. For more on how to protect yourself from being taken, visit and